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Ocelot is inspired by culture, landscape, tradition.
By plants and the colors they yield, by the body and it's relationship to nature.
The bold artistic style and international culture of the Bay area bring many incredible women through the doors of Ocelot. In the showroom, they find pieces that seem made for them. Layered, Ocelot becomes art on the body: moving, fluid, and functional.
The clothes pack well, and flow through day into evening. Ocelot designs express the power of nature with their bold patterns, creating a tactile and luminous landscape on the figure. The designs are influenced by a rich world history of traditional textiles and vernacular dress.
Ocelot has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Canada, Chile, England, and Japan. See PRESS for publications. In 2003, Angelina DeAntonis designed the wardrobe for Joan Baez in her European-American Tour, and Ocelot was in a scene in the film 'Six Feet Under'.
Each garment goes through a several day dye process to create the hand-dyed itajime patterns on natural fibers. All of Ocelot's clothing is hand-dyed in the Ocelot studio in Oakland.


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