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Selvedge Magazine blog article "OCELOT", August 2015:


7x7 magazine article "In the Studio with Ocelot Clothing Designer Angelina DeAntonis":


deYoung MUSEUM EXHIBIT JULY 2010- JANUARY 2011: "To Dye For; a World Saturated in Color":


Womens Wear Daily: http://www.wwd.com/eyescoop/de-young-museum-presents-tie-dye-history-3195183
Conference of Northern California Handweavers: http://www.cnch.org/cnchnet/winter-2010/dye-for-angelina                                   
blog article: Maiwa Handprints & the Silk Weaving Studio: Ocelot Fashion Show, June 2010:  http://maiwahandprints.blogspot.com/2010/06/exhibition-opening-fashion-show-review.html                                                                                                                        
Blog article 'Deep Craft': Fall 2009: http://www.deepcraft.org/deep/archives/1672

PODCAST: Choreographed Cloth: http://creativityjourney.blogspot.com/2009/02/textile-related-podcasts-part-1.html

  • Stitch magazine

  • What: Q&A Ocelot, an interview with designer Angelina DeAntonis
    Issue: Fall 2009

    Author: Stefanie Berganini, assistant editor of Stitch magazine.
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  • Ornament magazine
  • What: Photo essay and interview.
    Issue: Winter 2005

    Excerpt: "because of its powerful visual presence, the act of wearing Ocelot becomes an adventure in and of itself."- Nina Cooper

    Author: Nina cooper, a San Francisco Bay Area based freelance writer and owner of Nina Designs.
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  • Selvedge Magazine

  • What: Photo essay article titled "A Rare Breed"
    Issue: September/October, 2005
    Excerpt: "The label, like the animal after which it is named, thrives through it's adaptability. Wraps and shrugs dominate, all hand dyed in a distinctive version of itajime."

    - Jessica Hemmings

    Author: Jessica Hemmings, a London based freelance writer.
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  • Metropolis Magazine

  • What: Ocelot is worn on the cover and throughout an article about the Eames house. Article features Lucia Eames, a long time Ocelot collector.
    Issue: January 2005

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  • Yoga 4 Everybody

  • What: Cover image featuring sidestripe pants worn by Saran Miller.
    Issue: January 2005
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  • Fiberarts Magazine

  • What:"Angelina DeAntonis' Luminous Wearables".
    "Wearables Issue", March/April 2003.
    Excerpt: "... the garments of [the] Ocelot line are distinctive in that they are expertly hand dyed and handcrafted. Over the last decade, DeAntonis has gained recognition for her use of plant dyes and the ancient resist dyeing technique of shibori - specifically itajime, in which cloth is folded into a bundle, held together with shaped pieces of wood and clamps, and then dyed."

    -Victoria Alba

    Author: Victoria Alba, a bay area freelance writer.

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  • Memory on Cloth; Shibori Now

  • What: A comprehensive book about contemporary Shibori. Ocelot clothing is featured in the chapter on Wearables.
    Author: Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, a freelance arts writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    Publisher: Kodansha International.

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  • Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot

  • What: Includes the catalog publication from the show Generations/Transformations; American Fiber Art in which Angelina was included in a three-generational national exhibit.
    Issue: Spring 2003.

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  • Artist

  • What: A Taiwanese magazine about contemporary and ancient art.
    Issue: #344, page 452.

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