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Angelina DeAntonis with wool itajime poncho and wall piece
OCELOT was founded in 1998 by Angelina DeAntonis.
Before starting her company, she made dance and theatre costumes, and messed around with performance art.
Childhood included raising her own goat herd, and working on the family sheep farm. The hard work of farming, paired with metal fabrication and carpentry skills she learned from her parents, prepared her to be an entrepreneaur, to be fearless regarding the labor intensive dyeing work and complex business  of running a textile studio.
Che Ying Lam and Saoirse Byrne
Ocelot has been crafted by many hands over the years. Angelina has always been involved in the dye process, at first doing all of the dyeing, then training assistants and interns to help with the dye production. In the first 3 years of the business, Nan Eastep of B Spoke Tailor was seamstress and patternmaker, bringing an expertise in tailoring and fine sewing. When Nan left to work on her own line http://bspoketailor.com/ ,
Che Ying Lam became the head expert sewer and patternmaker. Ocelot had a training program for awhile to hire young clothing design graduates, and trained them in production sewing. One talented woman who sewed and designed with Angelina was Saoirse Byrne, who went off and started her own baby line called KOKORO.
Many interns have been taught Ocelot's dyeing technique over the past decade, notably Rebecca Williams who became involved in designing the line when Angelina had her baby, and was the first and only to master folding itajime.

Zee Boudreaux, dyer for several years for Ocelot, has journeyed east to follow his inquiries into weaving using all plant dyed yarns, returning occasionally to get his sweat rolling over the Ocelot dye-pots.

Paula Pfotenhauer, of her own JEAJA clothing, has sewn many of Ocelot's pieces between 2010-2015


The Ocelot studio has hosted workshops in textiles with internationally recognized textile artists, like Rasul Mirzaahmedov from Uzbekistan and Joan Morris from the U.S.
Angelina occasionally teaches workshops in the use of natural dyes with the itajime technique.



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