(1) "Jaguar coat", the fluid draping of this robe coat, in all natural plant dyes, which can be worn several ways. a timeless heirloom piece.



(2 ) the head scarf is an elegant way to frame the face, and add color and pattern to an outfit while keeping the hair from getting in one's way. the silk chiffon is a high twist thread, so it has spring and grips itself, helping to hold it in place. (3) worn with a silk knit boat neck top and silk crepe de chine wrap skirt.



(4 & 5) "wool poncho" with shawl collar, in a knit wool, dyed with long horizon stripes. can be worn as a skirt also.




(6-9) chiffon wrap can be worn many ways:

one shoulder shawl, tied around waist (6),

shawl back, crossed in front (7), short wrap"zig zag" 

skirt (8 ) & moon windows (9).




(10) wrapped like a saari, first draped over shoulder, then brought around the waist and tied to the other end of the belt.


(11) shawl wrap: moon/ charcoal wrap crossing

in front then tied in back, with wrap as skirt



(12 ) wrap belt crossed detail worn as a skirt, creating a twist by simply wrapping the two ends of the belt and twisting, and then

worn as a halter dress, tied behind neck (13), first starting with the wrap at center front, then wrapping across the back, bringing the two belts back towards front under arms, and tying behind the neck.


(14) "Indigo moons wool blanket wrap", a wily look on Ocelot's famous model and yogi, Sarana Miller, the wool blanket wrap with a hemp knit skirt, and a square silk chiffon head scarf .



(15) Pendleton wool blanket wrap





(17) Sunset Jaguar, in wool knit, madder root for the deep red, over a cantelope orange dyed in osage and madder, with Cloche hat

made from double face wool knit.

(16) wool vests in blanket weight wool milled by Pendleton Mills, Oregon. hang your Ocelot coat on the wall when you're not wearing it and enjoy the dyeing on the back.



(18) wrapped with the extra long sash, the wool knit Jaguar coat can even be worn backwards or upside down. these coats are stunning pieces, Museum worthy.

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