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Angelina DeAntonis is a California Bay Area based artist and designer. She is the owner and creator of Ocelot, a textile arts based clothing and interiors company. Her work has been featured in Selvedge Magazine, the SF Chronicle, Ornament and Fiber Arts. Her work has been exhibited internationally, notably in the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, the Palacio de Bellas Arts in Santiago Chile, the American Textile History Museum in Lowell Massuchuttes, and Gallery Renga-kan, Yokohama, Japan.


San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, group exhibit, "Metamorphosis, Clothing & Identity"

Angelina DeAntonis

Resume’/ CV





1968                      Born in Seattle, Washington

1986-90                 University of Oregon, BA in Fine Arts, photography emphasis

1993-94                 CCAC 1993-1994, studies in sculpture, performing arts, and textiles

1993-2003             Independent studies in natural dyes with Michelle Wipplinger, Jim Liles, and                                                                            through travel in Mexico, India, Thailand, Chile and Bolivia



Exhibitions: group and solo

2023                        "Hagi Shibori Art Tapestry Exhibition", Hagi, Japan

2023                        "Arimatsu Shibori Festival Exhibition", Arimatsu, Japan

2020                        "Mu Korabo", travelling exhibit of scrolls with catalog curated by Liza Dalby

2019                        “Silk Road”, wall pieces, Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley

2018                        “Curated Color”, wall pieces and clothing, Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley

2014                        "Metamorphosis: Clothing & Identity", San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

2012                       “Wearable Art: Draped, Shaped Flow & Shadow”, 8th ISS Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design                                                   Institute

2012                        “POP 20” Art and Design Show, Atelier Artist, Stanlee Gatti exhibit, San Francisco

2010-11                 “To Dye For; A World Saturated in Color”, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco

2010                        Ocelot Solo Exhibit, Silk Weaving Studio, Vancouver B.C., Canada

2010                        The Moon Gallery, exhibit of 4 designers utilizing natural dyes

2009                        “Couture Threads of Democracy”, St. Louis Artists Guild, St. Louis, Missouri

2005                        “Shibori Now”, Gallery Renga-kan, Yokohama, Japan

2004                        “Personal Dress Project”, Phobos and Deimos Boutique, San Francisco

2003                        “Generations/Transformations; American Fiber Art”, American Textile History                                                                           Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts

2001                        “Shibori: Tradition and Innovation – East to West,” Museum of Craft and Folk                                                                          Art, San Francisco

1999                         Palacio de Bellas Artes, 3rd International Shibori Symposium, Santiago, Chile




Fashion Shows

2019                      “Runway in the Redwoods”, U.C. Botanical Gardens Fashion Show in the Redwood Grove

2011                       “Green Gala”, U.C. Botanical Gardens Fashion Show in the Redwood Grove

2010                        Ocelot Fashion Show, hosted by Maiwa at Sandbar Restaurant, Vancouver B.C., Canada

2009                        “Green Gala”, U.C. Botanical Gardens Fashion Show in the Redwood Grove

2008                        Fashion Show Fundraiser for Barack Obama, San Francisco

2007                        Ocelot Fashion Show, Maiwa East, Vancouver B.C., Canada

2006                        Fall 2006 Fashion Show, Ocelot Studio, San Francisco

2006                        “Artwear in Motion, Runway Show”, Textile Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2004                        International Shibori Symposium Fashion Show, Harrogate, England

2003                        “Instinct, Intuition, Interpretation; the Process of Fashion”, Guest Designer for                                                                      the University of Iowa Student Fashion Show, Ames, Iowa

2002                        Cicada Boutique Fashion Show, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

2001                        Museum of Craft and Folk Art with Cicada Boutique Fashion Show, Fort                                                                                   Mason, San Francisco

2001                        Shibori Symposium Fashion Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco

1999                        International Shibori Symposium Fashion Show, Palacio de Bellas Artes,                                                                                   Santiago, Chile







2014                        Selvedge (Issue 57), “View”, review of Metamorphosis, Clothing & Identity

2011                        S.F Chronicle, Style Section, feature, “Coming Full Circle; Clothes,

                                Scarves to Covet”, by Beth Hughes, July 17

2009                        Stitch, Q&A Interview, by Stefani Berganini, Fall Issue

2007                        Contemporary Shibori in the West, (book, in Japanese)

2006                        The Boston Globe Magazine, “Noteworthy Style”, by Tina Sutton, Nov. 5

2005                        Selvedge, “A Rare Breed”, by Jessica Hemmings, no.07

2005                        Ornament, feature article, “Angelina DeAntonis; An Ocelot with Itajime Spots”,                                                                    by Nina Cooper, Vol. 29 #2

2005                        Style; A Magazine of the Herald Tribune, editorial, August Issue

2004                        Artist, magazine, (in Mandarin), No. 344

2003                        “Generations, Transformations: American Fiber Art”, catalog, American Textile  History Museum        2003                        The Times Magazine Magazine, “Beautiful Minds; Academia’s New                                                                                          Look”, by Lucy Alexander, London, March

2003                        Fiberarts, cover & feature article, “Angelina DeAntonis’ Luminous Wearables", by                                                                  Victoria Alba, Vol. 29 No.5

2002                        Memory on Cloth; Shibori Now, Yoshiko Wada, book, pub. Kodhansa International                                                      



Film/ Music

2004                        “6 Feet Under”, 3rd Season, cocktail scene

2003                        Joan Baez World Tour 2003, created wardrobe for her tour



Workshops/ Teaching

2018                        “Itajime and Natural Dyes on Silk Scarves”, Ocelot Studio


2017                        “Monoprint Resist with Plant dyes using Itajime Resist Technique”, U.C. Botanical Gardens

2013                        “Itajime with Natural Dyes,” Shakerag Workshops, Sewannee, Tennessee

2010                        “Itajime with Natural Dyes," Maiwa , Vancouver, Canada

2004                        “Clamped Dyeing with Natural Dyes," Temari Art Center, Honolulu, Hawaii



Costume Work 1996-1999

Joe Goode

Purple Moon

Anne Bluethenthal

Laura Ellis

Wayne Hazzard and Mercy Sidbury

Colleen Mulvihill and J.A. Deane

Fellow Travelers

Erica Blue

Town School for Boys

Children’s Fairyland

 “Moving in Costume; a Circus of Intrigue”; self directed & produced & created all costumes, with a grant funded by City of Oakland Cultural Arts

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