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WINTER 2020/ 21

the snow and ice landscape of the far north in winter evoke a sense of awe.

the gold and umber hues of the plant dyed wrap, scarf and cap meld with the tones of the rock and grass.

These stunning photos were taken by Aaron Davidman, of Sarana MIller, near their Alaska home. Sarana lives in her Ocelot year round, and the wool pieces are her favorites, from the unisex wool caps to the blanket wrap skirt/ shawl, which drapes over the couch when it's not being worn.

these pieces are built to last many years, and their timelessness adds the value of just that;  enduring time, worn time after time, passed on to the next generation;

Ocelot never goes out of style.

IMG_5162_Sarana_AK_wrap_cropped_HR copy.
IMG_5166._Sarana_AK_ice pedistal_sepia_H

for a wonderful body opening experience, join Sarana in her online yoga zoom classes, and look for her incredible retreats in the future:

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