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felt installation, LongBranch Restaurant, Berkeley, CA

Indigo dyed felt installation for LongBranch Restaurant in Berkeley, CA. The assignment was to create textiles for the walls that would soften and quiet the space, while creating a unifying atmosphere. The dyed horizon lines play off the simple mural painted lies that lie behind, in grey and blues, which reference the lines of the bay horizon and the hills beyond.

The undulating panels surround the dining room, each it's own painting, all connected to form a panorama horizon.The dining experience is intimate and cozy with the sound absorbing quality the felt creates, yielding to an intimate, soothing atmosphere in which to savor the delicious food and conversation.

interior_Bronwyn_Barry_ALamo_living copy

Alamo Passive House 

Architect: Bronwyn Barry, RA, CPHD, PassiveHouse BB

Contractor: One Sky Homes

Photographer: Treve Johnson Photography

Selecting an array of pieces to warm and soften the home, architect Bronwyn Barry suggests a Japanese influence. Ocelot interiors pieces are functional textile art to live on and with. Custom projects can range from pillows and wall pieces to cushions and ottomans.

This home was custom designed by Bronwyn Barry at Passive House BB to optimize the natural solar gain and minimize loss of heat, while maintaining a comfortable room temperature through ventilation and very efficient window construction. The Ocelot pieces were added as a final interior design element.


Anna Kondolf and Peter Brock Residence
custom closet curtains and linen pillows

custom curtains create special passage into bath



client Beth Malik in studio checking out her custom linen pillows

IMG_4369_Ocelot_pillows_built in.jpg

linen pillows in varied sizes bring life to the space and make the furniture more comfortable and functional.

linen pillows in varied pattern, colors, and sizes. call to inquire about in-stock pillows.

Pillow soften a room, they absorb sound, making the space acoustically pleasant. They modify furniture, giving each person a chance to support their back, to lean into softness, to customize their seat. They are utterly essential for cozy living. The Danish concept "hygge" is embodied in a pillow; a sensibility for coziness, an awareness of how to live in ones home with a feeling for wellness and contentment.

Ocelot pillows are soft paintings, each one is unique. They bring unity to a room, color and pattern, they enliven the space. They can bring together all the colors of the room, uniting the space, making it feel complete. Pillows can be custom made, or you can inquire about in-stock pieces.

details of various pillows . the linen creates a sublime surface where the dye fades along woven lines of fiber.

runners for wedding of Sarana Miller and Aaron Davidman, Wilbur Hot Springs.


playing off the sulfur yellow and dry grass,  these runners brought the land onto the table, framing the wildflowers and setting off the tableware, like a clock face, marking time. Created for the Wilbur Hot Springs wedding of Miller & Davidman, their effect was to unify the dining area, laying out a rhythmic staccato of circles and lines.



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